Blogging again and again

Of primates and projects

The 500 pound gorrila that has been sitting in my office has finally wandered off to sit at someone else's desk, and the project from hell is now in final testing. You have no idea how relieved this makes me. I've been dealing with vague requirements, inconsistent goals, shifting opinions, and inane questions for almost two months now. Now, I can finally get past that and move to the next project, which is full of vague requirements, inconsistent goals, shifting opinions, and inane questions, I'm sure. Oh well, gorillas are cute, in a life-threatening sort of way.

Saw the youngster on Wednesday, and got to feed her. Lucky me, I didn't get spit up on, or have to change a diaper. This time. Next time, I have a feeling I won't be so lucky. She's still beautiful, though. I grilled some burgers and hot dogs, the Madre made everything else, and we had a dinner that, for the first time in forever, reminded me of the meals I used to eat when I was a kid - except now I eat them with grilled onions and red peppers.

Sure, you're fashion hound, but are those clothes cool with God? UFO? Pet? We may never know. MCG! I found your next pet! Does this make Sadaam Megatron, or Starscream? Cricket can be enjoyed by everyone. See kids? War can be fun! Komo-dun, you're my hero! Only one man can stop the Jacksons from hurling babies to their doom: Hitler! And finally: Grown-up male hamsters have very very big balls.

Bob the Builder: Evolution

Underworld: Evolution

The "Rocky V" of

vampire action movies.

Wait, I mean "Ishtar".

Despite Kate Beckinsale's best attempts to keep my eyes on the screen (leather body suits seem to do that for some reason), this movie failed to truly hold my attention. And why is it that vampires always have great looking chicks in impossible outfits, while I have yet to see a female werewolf?

Also - I'm certain I've covered this before, but a memo to parents: If you don't have a sitter for your three year old, I suggest you either plan for a family night out, or stay at home, instead of TAKING YOUR SMALL CHILD TO A HORROR ACTION MOVIE. I'm not a parent, but even I can make this call. It's easy. Young children should not be at the rated R movie. Period. I don't care that you really want to see this movie. I don't care that you thought the last one was great. I don't care that you aren't smart enough to use the babysitting area provided in the LOBBY OF THE THEATER to keep them occupied while you watch what you want to watch. DON'T BRING YOUR KID, WHO CANNOT HANDLE THE MOVIE AT HIS/HER AGE. If you do, you have failed the parenting test, and should be beaten by parents who did the responsible thing with their children. You're probably the same ones who defend the actions of your child against their teachers or other adults, instead of disciplining them when they do wrong. YOU MAKE THE WORLD A WORSE PLACE FOR ALL OF US!

I need more coffee.