Blogging again and again

I feel so

Lawdy lawdy but I feel like ass. I seem to have contracted some terrible disease - no, it's not SARS, I'd be dead right now if it were - just the usual runny/stuffy nose, coughing, sore throat deal that has made Ny-quil my best friend these days. So I'm not ignoring the wonderful pedophilia thread you kids have started, I'm just sleeping through it.

Scraped up enough energy to have a tasty mexican dinner with the Madre last night. She's doing well, and is sad her time here is nearly over. Soon, she will leave her grandchild and return to Hotlanta, leaving her grandbaby in the clutches of her evil parents. I think she'll be just fine - we Glissons are a tough lot when confronted by the forces of darkness.

Madre also told me that MCG got his real indoctrination to the world of diaper changing the other night - apparently Emily had an...event...on the changing table. I wasn't there, but it sounded rather bad. The fact that he dealt with what happened all by himself just shows what a class act daddy he is.

Other things are in the works as well. Lives changing, things being discovered, chances being taken.

More on all that when it becomes a bit more appropriate.

Now that I have that out of my system

Silence on the web is usually equated with the death of websites. Long time readers of this site, however, know that this is not always the case - silence is either a sign of me being really busy, or really lazy. This time, laziness is definitely not a factor. For those curious about the silence, here's what I've got going on these days:

A new website

A redesign of a currently popular website

Two family birthdays

Continued attendance at the gymnasium of my own choosing

Restructuring of my personal life

It's that last one that I've been avoiding posting on here, and probably the biggest reason why Brain has received so little attention as of late. Suffice it to say that things are topsy-turvy here, and will be for a while until everything is settled. But I'll do my best to stop neglecting my duties here, despite the maelstrom that is rapidly becoming my life growing bigger and bigger.