Blogging again and again

Every time I try to get out

First and foremost: A sincere apology to Jeff, who's 30th birthday party I missed recently. Sorry bro, this whole job thing has got my head spinning, and I didn't realize until yesterday exactly what I had done. Amends will be made - I'll be in touch.

So, I'm sort of working for my old company again.

It's half pay, which means half (or less) of the work from me. It's substance until I find something a little more permanent. It's my former employer's way of saying, "think long and hard about what you want to do next with your life. Are you sure you know what you want?" Mind you, this was after my second straight day of driving to Inverness, a 90 minute trek into the heart of a bustling metropolis...well, ok, maybe not, but they do have an Applebee's. At any rate, I could tell he knew I wasn't too happy about the drive, and he also knew that Joe needs my help for certain things. So the gesture is appreciated.

Another opportunity may have cropped up, but I have yet to hear more info on it, beyond "expect a phone call from...". But opportunities are appearing, which is a lot better than where I was a couple weeks ago.

MCG, Emily's Mom, and Her Royal Cuteness will be traveling to the great state of Georgia to be with the Madre this weekend for Mother's Day. I was originally planning on going, but circumstances dictate that I stay in town over the weekend. Good circumstances. I don't mean to be cryptic, I just don't want to jinx anything, despite the overwhelming desire to blurt it out on here in a twelve page essay that will bore everyone but myself to tears. Everyone gets to find out soon enough. Patience, grasshoppah.

Oooooooh, I'm dyyyyyyyin

Nope, I'm not a proud uncle. Not one bit. No way. Not possible.

I spent most of today moving Shotty Lotty out of Metropolis and into Tampa. Brain + Heavy lifting = sore back. Suddenly, I'm not so nostalgic for Brooksville - it's apparently been whipped out of me. Just remember - Advil is your friend, and when it's not, Tylenol with Codene is there like that junkie friend who's been sleeping on your couch for the last three months: sure, you wish he'd leave, but after that crappy day of work, he's got just what you need to get you through the day.

MCG wasn't there to help either - apparently he had a baby or something. Likely story. By the time we had moved in the last of the furniture, unboxed some of the pictures, and reconstructed their entertainment complex, it was damn near 5pm, and there was someplace else I needed to be.

I know none of you are here for my antics these days - so here's the scoop: Emily is doing great. Her favorite pasttimes are eating, sleeping, and pooping, most likely not necessarily in that order - I'm not sure because despite her size, she ain't talkin. MCG is looking a bit tired - but apparently she kept them up a good bit of the night, not to mention the endless parade of visitors traipsing in and out of their room all day. I've put up some more pics from last night in Out of Focus for you baby junkies to peruse.