Blogging again and again

Apple sucks

Seriously. I know some of you fawn over the latest Mac and iPod announcements like a junkie looking for his meth fix - but give me a break, people. Steve Jobs could take a pile of dog crap, toss a click wheel on it, and market it as a scented iPod, and some of you would immediately start foaming at the mouth for it. The clarion call for fad tech would sound far and wide, "OMG iPod Odor 4 teh win!" C'mon. It's a portable music player. Yes, they are quite nice, and the ability to carry around a boatload of music to listen to wherever you go, without having to carry 8 jillion CDs, has quite the allure. I, myself, have such a player. But I'll be damned if it's an iFad.

I picked up a Creative Zen Micro. It's small, holds a metric ton of music (I got the 6 gig version), and cost me a lot less than any Apple product of comparable size. Works great. Came with a kickass set of earbuds that sound fantastic. The software is a breeze to use - and what's more, I don't even have to use it if I don't want to. I don't even have to convert my music to Apple's craptastic format, locking me into their annoying proprietary system. Which means, when I get my home media center done, I can put all my music in one location, and play it on whatever I damn well please.

So, please, JobsHeads (or is that HeadJobs?), keep up your Apple worship. Those of us who enjoy choice and convenience, and are willing to actually shop for a device rather than go with the herd, will be laughing at you for a good, long time.

UPDATE: I have been corrected about a misconception I had. It still doesn't change my mind about Apple, however.

Head, meet wall

Some things in this world just aren't fair. Everyone's kid should be a beautiful as this.

Hey kids! Remember that project I was telling you about? The one that I spent two months on, perfecting and making the best it could be? The one that I was feeling monstrous pressure to complete? The one that made me miserable for so long?

Well, they've put the rollout on hold. Indefinitely.

I can't describe just how upset I am right now about this. They might as well have crumpled it up and thrown it in the garbage can. "Hey Brett, it looks fantastic! We're not gonna use it! Back to whatever it is you do now." Bah.

Add in this lovely sore throat and occasional cough I have and you can call me cranky. Some days, it just doesn't pay to get outta bed.

Oh well, at least I can be entertained by friend, restauranteur, and special effects expert Andy, who's apparently taking on Industrial Light and Magic with his latest video masterpiece. How does he do it? I say its all done with mirrors and a complicated series of pulleys and levers - but you be the judge.