Instagram Reels is an amazing feature introduced by Instagram recently that allows users to create short video clips with a handful of fun editing tools. Reels invites you to share the videos with your friends or anyone on Instagram. If your account is set to private, you can share reel videos with your followers on Feed. But if your account is set to public, you can share reels with a wider Instagram community.

This feature of Instagram is similar to TikTok but the main difference lies between the two is TikTok is a separate platform while Instagram reels is a feature embedded into the Instagram app. In fact, you can create, share, and watch reel videos all within Instagram. After the launch of Instagram reels, most brands have started using it to reach new audiences on a global stage. If you also want to use Instagram reels for your business and increase engagement and reach of your videos, you need to buy Instagram reels views.

Packed with some incredible editing tools, you can create something fun and shareable with Instagram reels!

So, what is Instagram Reels and how we can create and share it? We have the answers to all of your questions in this article. This post shares everything that you need to know to create and share Instagram reels. Here, we will show you how you can create and upload your first Instagram reel video by following some easy steps. So, to get started with Instagram reels, you must read this article till the end.

Already an Instagram user? Believe me, Instagram reels will be more appealing to you!

How to Create an Instagram Reel Video?

The process of creating an Instagram reel video is simple. If you are already using the Instagram Stories feature, it will not be a problem for you to use Instagram reels as the format of both are quite the same.

  • Open Instagram and go to your Home feed.
  • Swipe the screen to right. This will open the Instagram Stories Camera.
  • Various camera modes will appear on the bottom of the screen. For creating a reel video, you need to select “Reels”.
  • Four editing icons will appear on the screen including audio, effects, playback speed, and timer. The Audio icon is used to select audio for your clip, Timer is used to determine the length of the video, and Playback is used to control the speed of the video. You can also use various Effects at this step.
  • While recording the video, a progress bar will be shown at the top of the screen so you can check the limit of the video.
  • For using a pre-recorded from Gallery, tap the + icon and select video. Note: you cannot use photos here!
  • When you are done with the editing of the video (whether new or pre-recorded), tap Upload.
  • Once you have recorded a video, an arrow (>) will appear that will move you to the Editing screen.

Editing and Sharing Instagram Reels

After recording a reel video, you can have access to some new tools by which you can edit your video. For example, you can add emojis, stickers, GIFs, or draw a doodle on the video. Plus, you can add text and can also download the video on your phone.

Once you have done editing your video, it is time to share your reel. Excited?

To share an Instagram reel, you will have two options:

  • Reels
  • Stories

If you tap on Reels, your video will be shared on your Instagram profile and will appear in the feed section of your followers just like a regular Instagram post. You can also select a cover photo for your video at this step. For sharing reel to your story, tap Stories. Your reel video will remain as your Instagram story for up to 24 hours.

To sum up:

It is quite easy to create an Instagram reel video. Once you have created a video, you can share it with your followers. Remember, your reels will appear in the grid of your profile. For public accounts, reels will be visible to anyone on Instagram. It means that the people who are not following you can even watch and engage with your reels. You can also buy Instagram reels likes at this step. That’s a big opportunity to grow your audience. Isn’t it?

Have you created your first Instagram reel video? Tell us in the comments section!

Instagram Reels: What You Need to Know to Create and Share it